Members of the Poundbury Rotary Club have come together to support a global cause.

The earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 caused a lot of damage to the infrastructure. One of the victims was a school that served a significant area of the country, and so put the education of the youngsters at risk.

The project to repair the school will cost £64,000.

The Poundbury Rotary Club became aware of the project and so decided to support the re-building of the Shree Saraswoti school in Helambu.

The project is the brainchild of the president of the Rotary Club of Yeovil, Michael Fernando, and he said that he was a bit daunted by his own enthusiasm, but as with many projects, other clubs and the global Rotary Foundation have pitched in to help, and the funds are slowly growing.

The Poundbury club has just pitched in by running a curry night at the Spice Centre in Dorchester.

The word of the event soon spread and on the night the club had more than 60 people booked in for the meal.

A great time was had by the members of the Rotary Clubs of Dorchester, Casterbridge, Poundbury, Yeovil, and Yeo Vale as well as many friends and relatives.

Not only was some cash added to the fund, but many more folks became aware of the project.

The president of the Poundbury Club, Wendy Grassby, said how pleased she was with the evening as well as raising £305 which was directly handed to the Yeovil club president on the night.