Geometric principles of hairstyling

10:45am Monday 22nd September 2008

Almost all women treat their hair with the best products and service they can get their hands on, so there is no doubt that hair is one of the most important assets to a woman.

From shampoo to conditioners, curlers to straighteners, there are so many different products that one could choose from.

But there is a fine line between what's a good product and what's a bad product.

Sassoon is one of the world's most well-respected brands when it comes to hair products, with bases all over the world.

In England, some of the best salons use Sassoon products to create the perfect look for both men and women, whether it's a cut or colour.

Every Sassoon cut and colour is a living and growing embodiment of the Sassoon philosophy: to work with hair in its natural state, to treat hair as organic material, to shape and balance hair to reflect the individual and reveal their beauty.

To realise this philosophy, Sassoon believes that true technical craft is required to deliver hair that has structure and movement, in forms that appear effortless but are intently considered.

At the core of precision technique is geometry, which, with a series of principles applied to hair, creates cuts and colours of sheer simplicity.

These geometric principles define what has become Sassoon's proprietary method', where cut and colour integrate seamlessly in a harmony of shape and balance.

Mastering precision technique forms the foundation of a stylist's craft, confidence and creativity, it is about the rules of freedom - knowing the rules and then how to break them. Sassoon does everything to be the best.

And because of this, the company has specific partners; these are salons that have been professionally approved by Sassoon and are also recommended for the best results in hair care.

In Dorset there is only one partner of Sassoon. Iroka, based in Weymouth, is the only place where you can be treated to this world-class product at very affordable prices.

Apart from having your hair done by a professional, you can also purchase Sassoon products at a partner salon with expert advice on application and usage.

Sassoon Professional Partners are prestige salons committed to excellence in cut and colour. They are independent salons offering Sassoon's Chromatology Colour Service and Sassoon's Care/Finish line, and receive Sassoon-inspired cut and colour techniques with each new seasonal collection.

This season, red and copper tones are back, looking great on olive toned skin and light green and brown eyes.

This colour can be toned down to a dark classic red or brightened up with a more vibrant copper tone.

This colour gives the hair a healthy-looking shine and adds character to your individuality.

Big hair is back on the catwalk, from bouncy curls to a natural wave; curls exude femininity and are sexy.

If you are wearing your hair curly or wavy, use a light leave-in conditioner so as not to weigh your curls/wave down, put in a nice serum or a curl cream and finish with a root boost hairspray.

The autumn/ winter weather dries your hair out so make sure you have the correct products to keep your hair looking healthy, whether you straighten your hair or leave it natural.

Consult your stylists to receive the correct shampoo, conditioners and styling products to suit your tailored colour and cut.


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