A DORSET family, believed to be Britain’s tallest, feature in a television documentary this evening.

The Van Nes family, whose children go to the Thomas Hardye School and live in Whitcombe, near Dorchester, feature in ITV’s Superhuman: World’s Tallest Children.

Dad Frank and his eldest son – 16-year-old Vincent – are each 6ft 10in and mum Miriam is nearly six feet tall.

The 9pm programme reveals the couple’s youngest daughter Naomi is already 5ft 9in and is head and shoulders above her school friends.

She said: “I do notice I am the shortest at home and the tallest at school. I think I just feel better at home because I just feel normal.”

The parents discuss their family home as it has been specially adapted for their height.

The bedrooms have extra long beds, the kitchens have higher worktops and the windows have been made taller so they can enjoy the views.

Naomi may stand out at school but at home her height is not extraordinary as she has two other brothers to look up to alongside Vincent.

Lucas, 15, is 6ft 8in and Franklin, 13, is 6ft 1in. ITV describe the family as the object of curiosity and at times ridicule when they go out.

But Vincent is excelling at basketball. He was called up to the England Under 16s team and helped the Southampton Trailblazers to third place in the England National Championship Final Fours last year.

Vince took up basketball in 2006 and began playing for the Bridport Evolution team.

  • Superhuman: World’s Tallest Children is on ITV1 at 9pm