SEA monsters, birds, bumps and rocks have won the day for names of relief road roundabouts in Weymouth.

More than 900 people voted online over a fortnight for the four roundabouts along the route.

The winning names are Jurassic Roundabout, Bincombe Bump Roundabout, Veasta Roundabout and Harriers’ Roundabout.

Peter Finney, Dorset County Council cabinet member for transport, said: “There were some really good names submitted to the competition. We felt that it was important to reflect long-standing local themes in the roundabout names.

“I think we have succeeded in having four roundabouts that represent the unique heritage of Weymouth.”

The name Jurassic was the winner for the roundabout closest to archaeological finds unearthed during construction.

It was the outright winner with 590 votes – over half the votes cast.

The name was put forward by several people, including school children, a member of the relief road project team and a county council member of staff.

The Bincombe Bump name was the winner for the roundabout close to a series of Iron Age barrows, or burial mounds. The mounds, known as the Bincombe Bumps, are close to the Southdown Ridge and not far from the Bincombe Valley School.

The name gained 610 votes and was 430 votes ahead of its nearest rival.

The name was submitted by children at St Nicholas and St Laurence primary school.

The name Veasta was the winner for the roundabout linking to the Manor Round roundabout, close to Morrisons. It had a shortlist of nautical-themed names as it is the only one with a clear sea view.

Veasta is a mythical sea monster claimed to have been sighted off Weymouth on occasions since 1457.

The name was suggested by a council officer. It won 313 votes.

The name Harriers was the winner for the roundabout next to the RSPB’s nature reserve at Lodmoor.

Some 646 residents voted for the winner.

A relief road project worker submitted the name after a pair of marsh harriers bred near the site earlier this year.