THERE’LL be some spooky goings on in Weymouth this weekend as the town’s own ghost hunters check out possible hauntings over Hallowe’en.

Members of the Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) have been invited to investigate some of the oldest buildings in Weymouth – the Boot Inn and Old Town Hall in High West Street.

But before things go bump in the night there’ll be time to do the Monster Mash and learn Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance as a fun family Hallowe’en disco is held at the Old Town Hall today from 6pm.

The non-profit making PIT was formed in 2003 by a group of family members and friends interested in the paranormal.

It has since grown and now has more than 22 members who include a police officer and a civil servant.

Approaching everything with an open mind and armed with equipment including infrared cameras, sound recorders and sensors, the supernatural spies investigate ghostly goings-on and try to distinguish natural causes from the paranormal.

Members will be trying something different at the Old Town Hall when they set up cameras after the disco and leave them running all night, linking them to their website A chatroom facility will be set up and people will be encouraged to phone 07500 754723 if they see anything out of the ordinary.

It’s prime territory for ghost watching as the Old Town Hall was once used as a prison while the street outside was the scene of a bloody battle during the English Civil War.

Trudy Jordan, one of PIT’s founder members, said: “We’ve not tried anything like this before and if it’s successful we’d like to make it a regular event.

“The Old Town Hall is full of history and doing this around Hallowe’en makes it extra special.”

The team will move on to the Boot tomorrow night but there will be no live link.

A number of ghosts are said to haunt Weymouth’s oldest pub and the PIT team became aware of some strange goings-on when they spent a night there last month including footsteps, a glass moving by itself and a door frame unexpectedly breaking off.

Guardian of the Old Town Hall Martin Hedley said: “We’re delighted to have the PIT coming in to do an investigation.

“We’ve noticed a few funny things since we’ve been here so it will be good to get the experts in to see if the place is really haunted.”

The disco costs £1.50 and runs from 6pm until late.

There will be refreshments, appropriate music provided by the Revival Vinyl Roadshow plus multi-media projections.

People are encouraged to dress up and learn the Michael Jackson Thriller dance as the full-length video will be played during the evening.