THERE are fears that the lives of schoolchildren will be put at risk after some of the sites to lose lollipop men and women across Dorset were revealed.

Dorset County Council has agreed to cut 65 crossing patrol sites by December to make £200,000 worth of savings with a site in Weymouth among the first to be identified.

This move will result in 85 lollipop men and women losing their jobs.

Funding for 10 patrols, all of which are described as ‘non-criteria sites’ in that they do not meet nationally set criteria for providing a patrol, will be withdrawn at the end of July.

Other areas that will lose patrols include Wool, Bere Regis and Winterbourne Abbas. The funding for the remaining 55 will be withdrawn by December.

Concerns have been raised after it emerged that Quibo Lane in Weymouth is due to be hit, mainly effecting Conifers Primary School.

Kate Wheller, governor at Conifers Primary School, said losing the crossing would ‘put children and other vulnerable people at risk’.

Meanwhile, Wool First School headteacher Lesley Craze said: “Our parents are getting a petition together and hopefully they will shout out about it.

“It’s shocking really, children’s safety has to be put first.”

She added: “We’re next to quite a fast road and our lollipop lady Barbara Battrick, who’s been here more than 20 years, does a grand job.

“I dread to think what would happen without her. On a rainy day, volunteer ones might not turn up A Dorset County Council spokesman said: “The county council has agreed to withdraw funding from a total of 65 school crossing patrol sites.

“All affected employees have been notified at the same time.

“The county council has entered an extended consultation period in order for schools, town and parish councils to consider providing alternative funding that could enable them to continue to provide a school crossing patrol service.”