THE Dorset Echo Pancake Day Races were held in bright spring sunshine on the lawn of All Saints Church in Easton, Portland.

Pancakes were tossed and dropped during the annual Shrove Tuesday event.

More than 40 pre-school children, a record for the event, took part in the event and were split into two heats.

The Portland St John Ambulance gave a slightly more rapid response than the Southwell Community Group in the Challenge Race and there were plenty of cheers from the enthusiastic spectators for the runners in all six races.

Town Mayor David Thurston greeted those arriving at the venue and ran in the men’s event. Town Crier Stuart Cave shouted news about the races to shoppers in Easton Square.

These were sponsored by the Dorset Echo, whose reporter Laura Kitching and photographer Finnbarr Webster ran in the races, organised annually by Portland correspondent Hilda Swinney.


Challenge Race, 1, Victoria Schooling, Portland St John Ambulance, 2, Terry Shakespeare, Portland St John Ambulance, 3, Norma Milverton, Southwell Community Group. Pre-School, 1, Keane Manlave (3), Little Dragons, 2, Max Griffin (3), Little Stars, 3, Freddy Lemon (3), Haylands.

Ladies, 1, Kate Moatt, 2, Terry Shakespeare, 3, Victoria Schooling; Men, 1, Mark Stone, 2, Finnbarr Webster, 3, Andrew Pegg.

Primary Boys, 1, Benn King (11), 2, Luke Thomas (6) 3, Thomas Mutte (8); Primary Girls, 1, Emily Marshall (10), 2, Jessica Gale (7), 3, Sophie Hutt (10), from St George’s School.