THREE friends all finished the marathon within an hour of each other.

Mandy Burley, Melanie Ward and Josie Wait, all from Weymouth, were racing together for charity.

Mandy ran for Beating Bowel Cancer charity and Melanie and Josie ran for Weldmar Hospicecare.

Josie finished in three hours, 56 minutes and 25 seconds, Melanie finished in four hours, 17 minutes and 41 seconds and Mandy finished in four hours, 52 minutes and 13 seconds.

The trio trained together for the big day but didn’t see much of each other as there were so many people about.

Melanie said: “It was really hot.

“It was okay though as there was so much water about, you could throw it over your head to cool down.”

She added: “I’m really pleased with my time.

“I was hoping for about that, so I’m happy.”