ARTIST Nicki Fitz-Gerald is using her mobile phone for more than just staying in touch with people.

She is a pioneer of a new movement that combines art and photography using a new generation of phone technology.

Iphoneography is a relatively new craze where people create images using their Apple iPhone.

The phone’s quality camera and range of applications or ‘apps’ available to edit images allows users to produce stunning pictures.

Nicki, who works as a graphic designer for Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, has become so good at iphoneography she has won awards and seen her work featured in exhibitions.

She has also just set up a website so she and other artists can share their ideas with people around the world.

Many of Nicki’s pictures are taken around Weymouth and she hopes to exhibit her work at the town’s library later this year.

Three of her pictures will be seen in the first iphoneography live exhibition in Madrid, Spain, in September.

Nicki, 44, said: “I had my phone for ages before I knew what I could do with it.

“Then one day I downloaded a photography application and I was off.

“I sent my images to photography sites online and I was encouraged to enter competitions.”

She added: “I feel I have an eye for a picture. I never really pushed photography though but I have taken to this and I’m now doing a photography course with the Open University.

“It’s just a hobby and all the tutorials I give on the website are for free but if things progress I might have to look at it in a commercial light.”

Nicki got her degree from Chelsea School of Art and worked as an illustrator in London for 10 years before moving to Weymouth.

She lives in Newberry Road with partner Bob Snarey and son Lewis, 10.

Nicki said: “The iPhone applications enable me to edit pictures the way you would in a darkroom with photographs from a SLR camera.

“Artists are always pushing new mediums and I’m just one of many who are enjoying iphoneography.”

You can see a selection of Nicki’s work by visiting Her website is