THIS gigantic crab has escaped the cook pot and will be showcased at Weymouth Sea Life Park.

The Tasmanian King Crab is a delicacy in its native Australia and was destined for the dinner table until it was snapped up by a British aquarium worker.

He agreed to buy three of the enormous crustaceans for £3,000 and had them flown to the UK.

They are now in quarantine at Sea Life before going on display.

The one pictured has been named Claude and weighs 15lbs and measures 15 inches wide.

When he is fully grown he will weigh a whopping 30lbs and gain an extra three inches.

It is capable of producing about 20lbs worth of meat, the equivalent of 325 crabsticks.

Rob Hicks, head marine biologist for Sea Life, said: “They are such impressive creatures we thought that it was worth the cost and effort of flying them half-way round the world so they can flourish in an aquarium display.”

Jemma Battrick, aquarist at Weymouth Sea Life said: “When I found out we were getting the crabs in, I was really excited.

“We already have a tank here for them so it will be easy to move them in, and they will go on display straight away.

“We want to increase their numbers but in Australia people eat them and I think visitors to the Sea Life will be shocked when they find that out because they look so magnificent.”