A DIAMOND anniversary couple will today be raising a glass to their 60 years together and to the Queen.

Patricia and John Pavey, of Clearmount Road, Weymouth, share their diamond anniversary with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The couple got married on June 2, 1952, a few months after Queen Elizabeth took over the throne on the death of her father.

Mr Pavey said the family would be holding a party today to celebrate the couple’s 60 happy years together.

He said: “We will be raising a glass to the Queen’s health and ours too.”

The couple, both of who were born here and have lived in Weymouth all their lives, met at the Bincleaves dance hall.

Mr Pavey proposed on Mrs Pavey’s 18th birthday.

Mrs Pavey said the couple had been together for a few years.

She said: “We got on very well and got engaged and he said: ‘Here you are. Put this on and don’t take it off.’”

The couple had a quiet wedding at All Saints Church in Wyke Regis and Mrs Pavey had one bridesmaid.

The couple then went on honeymoon to London for a week, where they went and saw the sights including Buckingham Palace and took in the shows every night including South Pacific.

The couple then set up home in Holland Road, Weymouth, in a little flat before moving in with Mrs Pavey’s mum for a while, before going to Chickerell Road.

The couple have been settled at their current Clearmount Road address for the last 40 years.

They had two children, daughter Terri Pashen and son Mark Pavey.

Mrs Pavey said that time had gone very quickly.

She said: “You just sort of think: ‘Where’s the time gone?’ “One minute you’re young and the next minute the years have gone by and you’re old.”

Mr Pavey’s hobbies include sailing model boats and snooker and Mrs Pavey is a member of the WI.

Mrs Pavey said the couple cared about each other a lot and one of their secrets was to never go to sleep on an argument.

Mr Pavey, who is an amputee, said there were a lot of secrets to them being together for 60 happy years.

He said: “There’s a lot of little secrets. The main one is saying: ‘Yes Dear.’ “Never argue over money and trust each other.

“You have got to have trust.”

He added: “You have to have loyalty to each other.”