OTHER hoteliers have blasted Coun Goodman for not making a public apology and are calling for him to ‘consider his position’.

Dave Price, chairman of Weymouth and Portland Hoteliers and Leaseholders Association, said he had expected the council leader to have made some contact.

He added: “Personally I don’t think he is a very good leader. He needs to consider his position.

“I would have expected him to have made some contact and apologise to me and the other hoteliers.

“I’ve been in touch with our local councillors and heard nothing back from them either.”

Paul Nash, of Seaspray Guest House said: “We have heard absolutely nothing at all.

“Linda said that he apologised about 30 times and said something along the lines of he’d had a bad day, but the rest of us haven’t heard anything.

“He should make a public apology.”

Alison Weller, of Channel View Guesthouse, said: “We really hoped he would have apologised by now.

“It is disgusting and I would like to see him resign.

“The public have a misconstrued opinion of hoteliers, they think we are all rich but we are struggling just like anyone else and we deserve an apology.”

Glynn Owen, of Regency House said: “He should have apologised for his derogatory statements. He should make a public apology so everyone can see him hang his head in shame.”

Wayne Nicholas, of Spindrift Guest House, added: “A public apology would be a start but I have heard nothing.”

Sue Leach, of Sunnyside Guest House, said: “I think he should resign.

“I was not aware he had got in touch with anyone to apologise but I haven’t heard anything. It is disgusting.”

Rose Brunt, of Brunswick Guest House said: “He should have made a public apology in the Echo. He should know better.”

'He must display good leadership'

FELLOW councillors who were not party to the original email said Coun Goodman should demonstrate ‘good leadership’ and apologise to all concerned.

Coun Ryan Hope, who represents Westham North said: “I think he should apologise to the hoteliers.

“He has caused a lot of people to be upset and suffer criticism following his comments so he really should make a public apology.”

Coun Mike Byatt, who represents Westham East said: “If he can apologise to one hotelier then he should do so to all of those people in the photo.

“This would demonstrate good leadership in acknowledging the impact of his comments and showing respect to those involved.

“I would leave it to the Conservative party to consider what is appropriate.”

Help for hoteliers

WEYMOUTH and Portland Borough Council has listed the following ‘immediate actions’ to help hoteliers.

• To help spread the message about the availability of accommodation through individuals and networks within the overall Olympic movement.

• To provide additional promotion on the Visit Dorset website providing a hub for information for hoteliers, guests and those seeking to book accommodation.

• To consider key promotional opportunities which would attract national attention.

• To make contact with regional and wider radio stations to secure interviews about Weymouth and Portland 2012 with the message of ‘Don’t just come for the day... come and stay.’

• To provide hoteliers with promotional material that can also be put on their websites such as a Summer to Remember leaflet, Bring on the Games stickers and information about activities such as the Live Site and Bayside Festival.