VOLUNTEERS have called for more helpers to boost historic St Mary’s Church in Bridport.

The Friends of St Mary’s wants people to join up to help with the 13th century church’s maintenance.

St Mary’s, as the parish church of Bridport, is used for ceremonial services such as mayoral inauguration, memorial services such as Remembrance Day and other historic events.

Its origins lies in the 13th century as a cruciform church and it was developed in the 14th and 15th centuries with Early English arcades.

In 1997 a fire in the nave roof caused considerable damage, not only to the roof itself but to the Victorian pews and ceilings.

In 2005 a stonework restoration fund was launched with an appeal for £100,000. The money was raised in less than 12 months, and all the stonework has been repaired.

If you would like to help call Rosemary Russell on 01308 423013 or Mr Saunders on 01308 459278.