FLOOD water is continuing to wreak havoc for motorists with a number of roads in the area still shut.

The A35 between the A3066 and the A37 is closed but is expected to re-open from 11pm tonight.

The A35 is shut from Dorchester to Winterborne Abbas and it is unknown when it will re-open again.

The A3066 is closed at Beaminster Tunnel due to debris on the road following heavy rain and will remain closed until it is cleared.

In Dorchester, the Old Sherborne Road has been shut between Loders Garage and Slyers Lane following the severe wet weather.

The B3159 from Martinstown to Winterborne Steepleton is shut due to flooding.

On the A37, the junction of the access road to Bradford Peverell is closed due to flooding.

The road is shut from Came Down to Winterborne Heringston Road at Heringston House and it is unknown how long it will be closed for.

The road to Muckleford from the junction of the A37 to Muckleford Crossroads is due to re-open this afternoon.

In Bradford Peverell, the road going through the village has been closed on both sides. A Dorset Police spokesman said cars had been getting stuck in the main village street.