A WEST Dorset man who circumnavigated the globe under his own steam in a 13-year odyssey turned down a six-figure advance for his story.

But Jason Lewis, 44, from Askerswell says he has no regrets and wants his adventure told his way.

So he turned his back on a deal with Harper Collins and has spent the last five years since he crossed his finishing line at Greenwich in 2007 writing his story.

The first of the three-part story was published in the US on August 1 and the deal is to publish it here probably early next year.

The book will coincide with a two-hour film made by a production company in Los Angeles – honed down from 700 hours of film shot on the expedition.

There is also a web comic graphic novel adapted from the book series.

He confesses the book was hardly a labour of love.

He said: “I can’t say it’s been an enjoyable experience but it is one of those things I had to do for myself after having an initial disaster with a ghost writer. It is such a huge story – it is difficult to get your arms around either in written form or on film.”

As with any writer it’s a balance between earning a living and finding the time to write.

But reaching Australia with debts of $100,000 meant he’s learnt marketable skills – like operating construction equipment which has given him time to write between contracts.

He will be busy promoting the book in America before doing the same here. As to the future that still isn’t in focus but he has ideas for more expeditions – but this time it will be considerably shorter and definitely funded before he sets off.

He said: “I have some ideas but I am not making too many plans yet. I want to get this monstrous book out the way and see where it might lead.”