ENJOYED the Olympics ? Now get inspired and join in – that’s the message from MP Richard Drax .

The MP for South Dorset is encouraging young people and adults alike to participle in the ‘Join in Local Sport’ project that kicks starts this weekend.

Across the country the ‘Join In’ campaign is hoping to build on the national enthusiasm for sport stemming from Olympic and Paralympic fever.

It aims to boost participation in local sport by introducing new members to local sports clubs and encouraging people to volunteer. Mr Drax said it was a ‘great idea.’ He said: “The Games showed us how important it is to get involved and to volunteer.

“Quite apart from nurturing the next generation of sports stars, staying fit is enjoyable in itself and this is a great opportunity to discover the huge array of sports available to us in South Dorset.

“We’ve seen them on our screens – now let’s try them out.”

For a list of events happening in Dorset put your postcode into the website www.joinin.org