A GROUP of drunken men who let down dozens of car tyres in Weymouth were forced to pump them back up again.

The culprits were driven to Asda by police to buy a pump after officers tracked them to a seafront guesthouse.

And two of the three men returned later to finish the job when the pump they were using broke.

Police said the men were remorseful and praised them for doing the right thing.

Dorset Police received a report early yesterday of tyres being let down in Custom House Quay.

Investigations revealed about 15 cars around the harbourside and on the Esplanade behind Alexandra Gardens had been targeted by three men.

The men, believed to be contractors, were staying at Aaran House guesthouse and had been out drinking when they decided to let down the tyres.

Jim Groves of Aaran House said the men involved were aged in their mid-20s.

Mr Groves and some of his guests were among those whose cars were targeted.

He said: “It’s all praise to the police who were here quickly and were able to resolve the situation. They acted promptly and efficiently.”

Teresa Nicol of the nearby Cavendish House guest house said: “We were putting the rubbish out when we noticed the front tyres of a neighbour’s car were as flat as a pancake.

“Then we noticed more along the road. We spoke to a neighbour who said three contractors staying locally had got drunk and let down the tyres. The police found them and said they’d let them go if they put it right. I found it a bit weird the police just let them go like that.

“I suppose if the tyres had been slashed it would be different.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said the damage was linked to three men ‘under the influence of alcohol’.

The spokesman said: “Officers advised the offenders that they needed to re-inflate the tyres and they escorted them to the supermarket to buy a foot pump.

“They returned to the scene and police remained to ensure the tyres were re-inflated.

“Unfortunately the pump broke so the men were made to leave notes on the remaining vehicles advising the owners to check their tyre pressures.

“Details of the three men were recorded. Police vehicle examiners returned in the morning to help re-inflate the tyres of the remaining vehicles.

“Two of the offenders returned to assist them.”

Inspector Les Fry of Dorset Police said: “This is a good news story showing offenders recognising that they had made an error, wanting to put right the inconvenience caused by their actions. The two men who returned are remorseful and have done as much as they can to help the police to put right their wrongdoings.”