AN historic model train made in the 1970s has pulled into its new home.

The Mallard has been moved to sidings at The Green Shed, Castle Gardens, in Sherborne.

Barry Watts, who helps run The Green Shed community group, said: “The Mallard represents so much to many people, firstly from its time at Coldharbour Hospital, then as a well-used toy at St Paul’s, then at Sherborne Museum and finally at The Green Shed.

“We’re thrilled to have it at the workshop and everyone was pleased when it was unveiled. “It brings many happy memories back to some of the team here.”

The model train was built in the workshop at Coldharbour Hospital in Sherborne in the early 1970s. Since then it has been used by St Paul’s playgroup in the town and many other members of the community.

For more information about The Green Shed call 01935 814548 and to find out more about the Gardens Group call 01935 814633.