* May 17: 8.30am – The Purbeck Isle leaves Weymouth Harbour to go whelking.

5.40pm – Portland Coastguard receives a phone call from a fisherman who is concerned about the Purbeck Isle.

6pm – With no word from those onboard, the vessel is reported missing.

7.15pm – The Weymouth Lifeboat is launched to search for the Pubeck Isle, along with coastguard helicopters and Royal Navy warships.

11pm – The Lyme Regis lifeboat is launched to carry out additional search.

* May 18: 5.30am – The search for the Purbeck Isle resumes.

8am – Fishermen join the search for the vessel.

3pm – Specialist equipment is sent down to the seabed to look at an object of similar size to the Purbeck Isle.

5.30pm – The body of skipper David McFarlane is found.

* May 19: 9am – Police say they have found the wreck of the Purbeck Isle ten miles off Portland .

11.50am – It is confirmed that the body found is that of David McFarlane.

3.45pm – The search is called off for Jack Craig and Robert Prowse.

* May 22 – A memorial fund is launched for the families of the Purbeck Isle crewmen.

* May 23 – Renewed calls are made to save the Portland Coastguard helicopter which took part in the search.

* May 25 – It is decided that the Pubeck Isle wreck will be left on the sea bed.

* May 30 – David McFarlane’s funeral takes place. Flares are fired from a flotilla of boats.

* June 1 – Hundreds of mourners attended a memorial service for the three fishermen on Portland Bill .

* June 29 – It is revealed that Dorset Echo readers and local businesses have raised £4,500 for the Purbeck Isle Memorial Fund, with donations still coming in.

* August 9 – The body of Jack Craig is found off the coast of Devon. Robert Prowse remains missing.