SOUTH Dorset MP Richard Drax is hoping the cabinet reshuffle could herald new hope to save Portland helicopter.

Yesterday David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle saw former Transport Secretary Justine Greening move to the Department for International Development and chief whip Patrick McLaughlin takes over the position.

Miss Greening had backed government plans to scrap Portland coastguard helicopter in 2017.

Mr Drax said he wasn’t sure how the reshuffle would affect the decision on the helicopter, and said he would approach the new appointment with ‘caution’.

He said: “However, a new appointment does present a new opportunity to present our cause to a new set of ears and in that sense this is an opportunity that obviously we cannot miss.”

He added: “I’m always hopeful that another minister will be more receptive than the past transport secretary.”

Mr Drax will soon be presenting a report to the Transport select committee which lists the reasons he and his team believe that the decision to scrap the helicopter is wrong.

He is also urging people to sign the e-petition.

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