SUNBATHERS got more than they bargained for when this swarm of bees descended on Weymouth Beach.

Crowds gathered to see the bizarre sight of thousands of bees clustered on a child’s pushchair one sunny afternoon.

One onlooker Ray Coles, of Littlemoor Road, Weymouth, said it was a ‘spectacular’ sight.

He said: “I was at one of the beach cafes when I saw what was happening.

“There was a swarm of bees on the baby stroller, it was a spectacular thing to see.”

He added: “Someone called the apiarist and he moved them into a portable hive.

“There was quite a big crowd of people gathered watching and a lot of people were taking pictures of the bees.

“It was really quite a bizarre sight and the fact that they landed on a baby stroller made it even weirder.”

Information from the Dorset Beekeepers’ Asso-ciation said swarms of bees are quite common.

They tend to occur when the insects are looking for a new home and do not usually pose a danger to people.