A spokesman for LOCOG said that the Paralympics were ‘certainly not being treated as a second-class event’.

The spokesman said that Channel 4 had not done live coverage of the event.

He said: “Paralympic Sailing took place inside Portland Harbour because of athlete and sailing requirements. “We therefore could not use the Nothe spectator area and there were different viewing areas and vantage points.

“But there were still lots of ways to enjoy Paralympic sailing with a range activities and events at Weymouth Pavilion Forecourt. “This hosted the Paralympic flame and ran a wide variety of cultural events and activities so there were still lots of ways to get involved.”

He added that the live site was run by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council .

  • PORTLAND Paralympian Steve Thomas admitted he was a ‘bit disappointed’ with the lack of sailing coverage by the official Paralympic broadcaster.

But he praised Castle Cove Sailing Club for looking after the athletes friends and family, who had come down in mass to support them.

He added: “I’m a little bit disappointed Channel 4 hasn’t covered Paralympic sailing.

“It would’ve been nice even to have a GPS tracking system out online but it’s not in our hands.”

He said the team’s job had been to focus on the ‘job at hand on the water’.

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  • Steve Whale, 35, from Wareham said he hadn’t seen any of the Paralympic sailing on TV.

He said: “It’s not been as pushed as the main Olympics .

“It’s not fair, the Paralympics should be pushed just as much as the normal Olympics.”

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  • Martin Burbage, from Radipole said: “I haven’t seen any sailing on TV.”

He added: “Do they think the Paralympics don’t deserve the same attention?”

Mr Burbage said he thought the Paralympics were being treated as ‘second class.’

  • Mark Storey, 47, a support worker from Broadmayne said: “I’m disappointed the BBC didn’t go for coverage of the Paralympics. Maybe they just didn’t want it? They definitely haven’t got the same coverage.”

He added that the Paralympics were ‘inspirational.’

  • Anna Freiesleben, 17, from Weymouth said she hadn’t heard a lot about the Paralympics compared to the Olympics.

She said it made the Paralympics seem like a ‘second class’ event.

  • Lily Russell, 17, from Weymouth said: “I spent a lot of time watching the Olympics on the big screen.

“If they had the screens on I would have come down every day.”

She said it would be nice if the two events had been more ntegrated.

  • Abbie Booker, 17, from Weymouth said she was disappointed that the Paralympics haven’t been given the same attention as the Olympics.

She said: “It feels like they haven’t been included.”

She said the Paralympians were ‘really inspirational.’