WEYMOUTH’S Tall Ship Pelican is setting sail this month to take part in an epic Antarctic voyage.

The square-rigger will be leaving the resort on Sunday September 23 to the sound of canon fire from Nothe Fort ready to play a key supporting role in an historic re-enactment.

The Shackleton Epic expedition aims to honour and celebrate Sir Ernest Shackleton’s remarkable 800 nautical mile voyage across the Southern Ocean, made from 1914 to 1916. TS Pelican will follow the route made by Shackleton’s orginial expedition ship Endurance, which left Plymouth in 1914 but never made it home.

The ship, which is scheduled to return to Weymouth in June 2013, will provide a filming platform, communications and safety support when the adventurers sail an exact replica of Shackleton’s 22.5-foot lifeboat James Caird across the treacherous Southern Ocean. The replica lifeboat, which was launched at Portland Marina in March this year and named Alexandra Shackleton after the explorer’s granddaughter, will travel from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

The daring team will then attempt to cross the mountainous interior – to complete the journey made by Sir Ernest.

Would-be sailors can sign up for individual voyage legs, which range from 11 to 93 nights and cost from £968 to £6,045, or the whole eight-week adventure for £18,390.

Tim Jarvis, leader of the Shackleton Epic expedition, said: “A berth on TS Pelican as part of the Shackleton re-enactment is the stuff of childhood dreams.

“We are thrilled that Shackleton enthusiasts and members of the public looking for adventure will be able to participate in this historic and authentic re-enactment voyage.

TS Pelican crew will experience a Shackleton-themed outbound journey with an accomplished speaker giving talks about the aims and objectives of Shackleton’s historic voyage.

TS Pelican crewmates will join the ship on Saturday September 22 to depart Weymouth for Lisbon, Las Palmas, Salvador and then Punta Arenas, Chile.

Full details visit adventureundersail.com.

For more information about the expedition visit shackletonepic.com.