VISITORS flocked to an event showcasing eco-homes in Dorchester .

As part of Architectural Heritage Week the greendor community project opened up seven environmentally homes to the public, hosting 260 visits over two days.

The homes included individually designed low carbon new builds to historic listed buildings that had been adapted for low energy living.

Sally Cooke from greendor said: “The aim was to show in a practical way how people can save energy at home and still be comfortable.

“In fact by saving money on their fuel, water and electricity bills they can lighten the load on the household budget.

“At the same time it's helping Dorchester to move towards lower-carbon living, which we all need to do as oil is getting more expensive and climate change is increasing.”

The project was so successful greendor is planning to hold further events in the area.

For more information about the project contact Sally Cooke on 07794 432297 or email

Information is also available on the projects website at