A POP-up art gallery will be springing up in an empty shop in Dorchester from this Thursday.

Creations by Artwey artists will be displayed in the Tudor Arcade premises, which used to hold the House of Kings fashion shop.

The idea of the short-term gallery is to boost the profile of both the local artists and the vacant shop.

Artwey artist Ian Rowden said: “The pop-up art gallery will be opening this Thursday.

“The idea is all the artists will be able to display their work and make a donation for charity.

“It’s to promote Artwey and art in Weymouth and Dorchester.

“We can’t sell the work from the shop but people will be able to look at it through the window.”

He added: “Pop-up art galleries are becoming quite a popular thing in London.

“When shops are closing or look vacant it doesn’t look good for the town so if you can get a gallery in there short term it lifts the profile.”

Artwey is an organisation set up by local visual artists to promote themselves collectively through this website and by staging activities – mainly the Open Studios events.

This month an Art Trail across the borough involves members opening up their own studios to the public and displaying work at galleries and other venues.