West Dorset cheesemakers are set to deliver a taste of weird – but wonderful – varieties at a national festival next weekend.

Ford Farm at Litton Cheney is gearing up to deliver another masterclass at the British Cheese Festival at Cardiff Castle next Saturday and Sunday.

The masterclass, entitled ‘Weird or Wonderful’ will examine the British consumer’s growing desire for blended cheese varieties. Ford Farm will be offering samples of some of their latest and most progressive flavour developments to challenge the palates of visitors to this annual event for cheese enthusiasts.

The 2012 Masterclass is back by popular demand after a class on the same theme was delivered at last year’s festival.

Visitors were invited to try such flavours as Cheddar with sea salt and balsamic, Wensleydale with fig and honey and Cheddar with chocolate and to submit their own flavour ideas for development.

These suggestions have been tested over the year as part of the farm’s new product development programme.

Cheese blended with liquorice, coffee, pick ‘n’ mix, popping candy and mushrooms were just some of the ingredients suggested by visitors.

Further information about the British Cheese Festival visit greatbritishcheesefestival.co.uk