RESIDENTS in Dorchester are calling for parking restrictions to be introduced in their once ‘quiet residential street’.

Members of Dorchester Town Council ’s traffic panel discussed local concern over parking in Queen’s Avenue at a meeting yesterday.

The issue was raised after a number of residents contacted the town council to express their frustration with increasing congestion caused by the introduction of parking restrictions in adjacent roads.

Diane Brown wrote to the council and said the problem had also been exacerbated by the closure of part of the Charles Street car park in the town centre, which was limiting parking in the town centre.

She said: “The road is no longer a quiet residential street, but is now somewhere to park your car within convenient walking distance of work, the market, town or station.”

Ieuan Adlam-Hill added: “It is no longer a pleasant tree-lined avenue but has become a car park.

“Cars are double parked, not only for long periods of the working day to avoid charges or restrictions elsewhere in the town, but for weeks on end.”