SCHOOLCHILDREN will be down on the farm on Friday.

The annual Charborough Estate Open Day will be attended by 110 school pupils from five local schools.

The open day, which was postponed from the summer term because of rain, is part of South Dorset MP Richard Drax ’s Kids to Farm initiative.

Mr Drax said it is ‘truly exciting’ to open his estate and show the children more about living off the land.

He added: “We show them dairy and arable farming, bee keeping, deer management, forestry, game keeping and a Dorset Wildlife Trust stand on a walk around the estate.

“I believe every child should understand where our food comes from – and I don’t mean the supermarket. Getting it from our pastures to our plates is a complex process and learning how it’s done always fascinates our young visitors.”

“I am always delighted – and surprised – by the letters and drawings I receive after the event.

“The children take in so much, and it’s not always what you might expect.”