PEOPLE are being urged to have their say on plans for a crossing on a busy stretch of road.

Members of the public are invited to the meeting at Emmanuel Church in Southill at 6.30pm tomorrow.

Representatives from Dorset County Council will present various ideas for road improvements including new cycle and walkways and crossings.

In March campaigners for a new pedestrian crossing at Chafey’s roundabout presented a 1,000 strong petition to Dorset County Council.

Campaigners said they feared for the safety of pedestrians trying to cross the busy road at Chafey’s roundabout.

Shortly afterwards five-year-old Lily-Mae Jeffries from Taunton tragically died after being involved in an accident while crossing the road with her great-grandmother and two little sisters, south of the junction between Chafey’s roundabout and the Swannery Bridge junction.

County councillor for Westham David Harris said he was delighted the meeting was taking place.

He said that improvements such as a new crossing to the north of Chafey’s roundabout and the possibility of a new cycle and walking route from Southill to Manor roundabout near Morrison’s supermarket would be discussed.

Councillor Harris said there could also be new traffic islands placed between Chafey’s roundabout and Swannery Bridge junction on the stretch of road where Lily-Mae was involved in the accident, to make the crossing from Goldcroft Avenue safer.

He said: “I’m delighted that the work has been done and I’m hopeful there will be some positive proposals which the community will welcome and feel safer and the sooner, the better.”

Councillor Harris said that the volume of traffic along the A354 past Chafey’s roundabout had increased greatly since the new Weymouth Relief Road was opened.

He added that ideas for the Tumbledown Farm area near Radipole would also be discussed.

A spokesman for Dorset highways department of Dorset County Council said that work was underway to improve the walk and cycle way from Chafey’s roundabout to Swannery Bridge junction.

He said: “We have a variety of things we are going to be putting to the public.

“We have got some plans and proposals to do with improving the crossing between Chafey’s roundabout and Swannery Bridge junction and at Chafey’s roundabout.

“We are upgrading the cycleway between Chafey’s and Swannery at the moment and we are looking at extending it north from Chafey’s to Manor roundabout.

“We have a couple of options we will be putting before the public.”

He added that the future projects would be dependent on money.

He said: “The whole package of work could cost in the region of £¾ million so we need to find funding for it.

“We are looking at various sources of funding.”