Schools are teaming up with pupils from France to learn more about saving energy and being green as part of a £1.6 million EU funded project.

'Sustainable energy across the common space' – or SEACS – aims to help children learn that every person can make small changes that lead to big reductions in energy consumption, and to more eco-friendly environments.

Dorset schools and two French local authorities will be working together with the aim of lowering their energy usage, using cleaner, renewable energy and being more green.

Dorset County Council's cabinet member for environment Robert Gould said: "We all have our part to play when it comes to protecting the environment, but it's so important that children learn about this now so they can continue to make a difference throughout their lives and teach future generations how to be eco-friendly.

“As well as finding out more about looking after the environment, pupils will also be learning each other's language and culture as the English and French schools exchange ideas, tips and information across the channel.”

Wool CE VA Primary School's eco co-ordinator Sally Warburton: “Our school is very excited to be part of this exciting EU funded SEACS Project. Our school has a very active ECO-schools team and we are very keen to blog and email schools all over the country and in France as part of our multicultural curriculum.

“Our children start to learn French from Year 2 onwards so this will be great experience. Our eco-schools committee will be meeting every two weeks to work on our Action plan with the SEACS project – how exciting!”

St Mary’s School is Charminster has a special Eco team ready to take up the challenge.

Dorset County Council is committed to helping schools reduce their energy usage.

So far, ten Dorset Schools are confirmed to be taking part in the SEACS project.

To learn more about the project or find advice on how to cut your school's energy use, visit or call schools energy officer Stacie Forrester on 01305 225230.