POLICE are stepping up their hunt for arsonists after two cars were torched in early hours attacks.

A car was set alight on the just after 4am on Thursday and a stolen Land Rover was set on fire in the early hours of Saturday in Bridport.

Businessman Andy Cuff raised the alarm for the first incident after hearing a loud explosion at 4.10 am from his nearby office.

Andy, who runs a computer firm, said: “There was a massive bang which made me come outside and see what was going on.

“Then there were a series of smaller bangs. Something was exploding, perhaps the fuel tank or something.

“All I could see was a lot of flames.

“When I was calling the fire brigade all I could hear was a series of bangs.”

Andy, 59, who lives at Bradpole, said that the flames reached the height of about 20 feet.

He says that he was surprised that it created such a blaze.

A spokesman said that a crew from Bridport attended and that the car was believed to have been set alight deliberately.

Police said that the vehicle involved was a hatchback, possibly a Ford GTI type car.

A nearby Audi convertible and a nearby Ford Focus were also damaged with number plates and paintwork affected.

Police have appealed for witnesses and information.

Firefighters said that the Land Rover had been set alight deliberately at the back of the medical centre at West Allington.

Practice manager Eilish Davoren said that they would be stepping up security.

If you can help contact the police on the 101 non-emergency number.