MAYOR David Rickard will be in the dark when he steps into the shoes of a blind person in Bridport.

The town’s first citizen will be blindfolded and taken to various locations around town to gain an understanding of what life is like for blind and partially sighted people.

He will tackle the challenge as part of an event in Bucky Doo Square on Saturday October 13, from 9am to 12noon. The morning is part of Guide Dogs Week 2012 and Lion’s Sight Day.

People will be able to meet guide dogs in training, browse stalls and try a short supervised walk under blindfold or in special glasses that simulate vision loss.

There will be children’s activities and an information stall provided by the Bridport Lions Club. Dorset Blind Society will have a stall and the Guide Dogs charity is keen to talk to anyone interested in volunteering in Dorset.

Tim Stafford, Southampton mobility team manager said: “By coming along to meet Guide Dogs in Bucky Doo Square, people will be able to briefly step into the world of blind and partially sighted people.”