SKATERS in Wey-mouth are ramping-up their facilities with funding from a community group and an eco-friendly initiative.

The Front skatepark in Preston Beach Road in Weymouth has been awarded £5,000 by the Dorset Community Foundation on behalf of Dorset County Council.

It has also installed three can crushers, which as well as being good for the environment, will also bring in revenue to the park.

Darrell Dilley, a member of the fundraising group, has been raising money for the skatepark for around a year and secured the £5,000 from the foundation.

He said: “I applied for the funding from Dorset Community Foundation for a street plaza at the skatepark.

“It’s really great that they’ve given us so much, the money actually came through a couple of weeks ago which is amazing.

“It will all go towards making more ramps for the children or equipment such as helmets.”

He added: “We’ve also taken a delivery of three can crushers, which will hopefully bring in more money as well.

“We get paid several hundred pounds every time they’re filled up with cans for recycling.”

The grant from the foundation, which is on top of a recent contribution of £2,000 from charity Sported, will go towards the upkeep of the park.

Tina Baker, chief executive of the foundation, said: “We are very pleased to support the Front project through the Dorset County Communities Fund.

“We believe that the project will be a brilliant way to engage young people in the area and hopefully it will reduce antisocial behaviour on the seafront.”

The Front is a registered charity and relies on money raised from fundraising events, the facility almost had to close down in 2011 due to lack of income.

Mr Dilley got involved with the group after visiting the park with his 12-year-old son, Samuel.

He said: “Last year I went down there with Samuel and it was all run down and falling apart.”

Mr Dilley added: “Samuel is really into skating, he has a mini-scooter, and children come from all over the place to use the park.”