A 63-YEAR-OLD builder died from asbestos exposure at work, an inquest was told.

Ian Charles Legg died on September 19 at Dorset County Hospital from end stage mesothelioma.

Evidence read at the County Hall hearing explained Mr Legg, of Mon-mouth Avenue, Weymouth, had been pursuing a claim for being exposed to asbestos in his work as a bricklayer.

West Dorset Coroner Michael Johnston read a statement Mr Legg had written to support his claim.

It said he started as an apprentice bricklayer when he was 16 and worked for a number of companies in the area.

“I fitted out banks and shops in Dor-chester and Weymouth and it’s possible I was exposed to asbestos,” the statement said.

“Asbestos boards and asbestolux were used and I was exposed to the dust while others were using those products.

“I worked on Weymouth Magistrates Court and the carpenters were using asbestos-based products.

“In 1996 I worked at the William Henry pub breaking up a doorway which involved removing asbestos.

“There were men in suits with breathing equipment and they threw material in to the yard I was working in.”

Mr Johnston recorded a verdict that Mr Legg died of an industrial disease.

He said: “Mr Legg worked in the building industry at a time when asbestos was in use and before it was common for care to be taken.

“I believe he was exposed while at work.”