WEATHERMAN Bob Poots said that September was the wettest since 1999 after deluges at the end of the month.

He said that at first September was like a late summer with just 2.8mm of rain during the first 21 days.

Then it rained through to the end of the month on all days except Saturday, September 29.

He said: “This made September 2012 the wettest September since 1999, which was the wettest September on our records with 190mm.”

The 30-year average rainfall for September is 56.4mm.

September 2012 produced 79.8mm, 141 per cent of the 30-year average.

The greatest rainfall was 40.4mm on Sunday September 23.

Rainfall for 2012 to date is 692.7mm, 214.7mm above the 30-year average.

Sunshine also abounded during the month becoming the sunniest September since 2004.

Mr Poots said: “September was a nice sunny month with the sun failing to appear on just two days during the month.”

He added: “Winds during September were around average.

“Several days had gusts of over 20mph, with the greatest gust of 33mph recorded on Monday, September 24.”

The average mean temperature was 0.5 of a degree below average at 14.9 degrees.