A WOMAN died after her use of an over-the-counter allergy medicine reacted with a natural health condition, an inquest was told.

Louise Theresa Hannam was pronounced dead at Dorset County Hospital on May 8.

Pathologist Dr Mark Deverell told the hearing at County Hall in Dorset that a toxicology report found 4.52milligrams of diphenhydramine, an anti-histamine medication.

The level expected to be found in someone using the drug therapeutically is 0.1milligram, the inquest was told.

Dr Deverell said: “This is consistent with excessive use.”

He added that 37-year-old Miss Hannam had been suffering from pulmonary oedema and pneumonia, which reacted with the anti-histamine and prescription methadone.

Coroner for West Dorset Michael Johnston also heard that Miss Hannam suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and was receiving treatment on a voluntary basis at Maiden Castle House in Dorchester.

She was found by staff in the garden of the home, who called the emergency services and tried to revive her.

Mr Johnston delivered a verdict that she died due to an accident.

He said: “Her medication was directed towards helping her get back in the future to independent living, but this was problematic because of her habit of buying over-the-counter drugs.”