MORE than 7,000 leaflets and 200 posters have been distributed around Weymouth in a distraught dog owner’s bid to get her little -papillon back.

Heartbroken Dawn Weaver is appealing to anyone with information about Dancer’s disappearance to come forward.

She said she is worried as the dog is recovering from a condition and is on a specific diet, meaning she can’t tolerate normal dog food.

Dancer was being cared for by a friend as Miss Weaver is currently touring America competing for the UK in a number of dog shows.

On September 16, while walking in fields near Lodmoor Country Park, the dog was spooked by a bicycle and ran away.

Miss Weaver said: “There have been two reported sightings, both in Southdown Avenue and Oakbury Drive – one on that Sunday and again the following Monday morning, but nothing since.

“On both occasions someone tried to catch her but she bolted again.

“She is a nervous little dog and will not voluntarily approach strangers.”

Miss Weaver, who is from Portland, is a well-known dog trainer and has won both at Crufts and Olympia in the past.

Most notably, her miniature poodle Chelsea won the London Olympia dog show for four years in a row.

Of the missing pooch, Miss Weaver said: “It is believed there is a very strong possibility that she has been taken in by someone, perhaps being mistaken for a stray since she is in recovery and is still looking thin with her coat yet to come back into condition.

“In addition she is on a specific diet and cannot tolerate normal dog food.”

She added that her dogs were here ‘whole life’ and that she would not stop searching for the papillon.

She said: “Do you know somebody that might have taken her in and doesn’t realise it is against the law not to report a found dog to the authorities?

“I am desperate for any news at all, so if you know anything, however small, please call immediately, even anonymously.”

Anyone with information should call 0781 348 8164 or email mylostpap@gmail .com