INTERNATIONAL Olympic athletes were able to see how Weymouth and Portland is playing its part in campaigning for a fairer world.

A certificate recognising the borough as a Fairtrade Zone is on display at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, the base for Olympic Sailing 2012 events.

The zone status has been held locally for six years and the latest renewal of the award recognised the growing awareness of Fairtrade and use of products by residents, businesses, schools and churches of Weymouth and Portland.

It was decided to display the certificate marking this in the canteen of the sailing academy where Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar have been served for the past three years.

Elisabeth Orrell, from Weymouth and Portland Fairtrade group said: “The sailing academy represents the vital role of local catering establishments in promoting Fairtrade.

“The fact that it was an Olympic venue this year reminds us all of the importance of fair play and the global nature of the campaign.”