A JIGSAW puzzle maker is planning to make thousands of pieces of history with his world record attempt.

Dave Evans will hand-cut the largest wooden jigsaw puzzle in the world – a 40,000 piece puzzle made out of people’s photos of the Jubilee.

He will attempt his world record using a 30in scroll saw at the Jigsaw Workshop at Brewer’s Quay in Weymouth.

The giant puzzle will be 10ft by 15ft and will take two weeks preparation and two weeks to cut.

Master craftsman Dave is appealing for people to send in their photos of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations from anywhere in the country.

He said: “The jigsaw will be made up of people’s pictures which is why we’re going to call it ‘the people’s puzzle’.

“People have told me I’m quite good at what I do. I’m one of the few people who are professionally trained to hand cut jigsaws and I wanted to leave a legacy, so I thought maybe I could leave a giant jigsaw.”

The aim is to beat the existing commercial jigsaw record currently held by a German company and at the same time create a new record for the largest hand cut wooden jigsaw.

Dave’s jigsaw will be cut freehand using the same methods used by jigsaw cutters 100 years ago.

He plans to begin work on the puzzle after he has selected 60 photos for it – each picture representing one of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.


  • Dave has had his workshop at Brewer’s Quay for eight years. He started an apprenticeship aged 15 at Victory puzzle makers.

Dave is currently busy producing heart-shaped guest book puzzles for weddings, for which he is receiving numerous orders from the US.

He will begin his record attempt in the New Year and is inviting people to come and watch him at work. Dave sad: “It’s expensive to get the Guinness World Record adjudicators so it’s going to be filmed and put on You Tube to get the record.

“When it’s finished it will be completely assembled. It will be a monster piece of work, I’m hoping it will end up somewhere where people can look at it and it could maybe be auctioned off to raise some money for charity,” he said.

The jigsaw will be made using materials ethically sourced from local companies.

All photo entries must be clear and the photographer’s own work.

Anyone who would like their Jubilee photo to be considered for the world record attempt puzzle should email it to Jane Dean at hello@janedeanpr.co.uk