RESIDENTS have got three weeks left to tell the council what they think about changes to tax benefits in Dorset.

The proposal would see changes to the amount of council tax support some people in the county receive.

From April next year council tax support will be administered by local district and borough councils with the government giving ten per cent less funding than the current national system.

The draft schemes in Dorset would see most working age residents who qualify for support required to pay a minimum contribution to their council tax.

There is a public consultation running until Monday, November 5, and locals are invited to give their feedback on the plans.

David Barnes, the project leader of the council tax support working group, said: “We have had a good response so far to our consultations but this is an important issue and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to give their views.

“Our draft council tax support schemes mean that all council tax benefit claimants of working age, except the most vulnerable, will now have to pay something towards their council tax in line with the government’s aim to encourage unemployed people back into work and make work pay.

“Pensioners and other vulnerable people will not be affected and will continue to receive the same level of support as now.”

All residents are encouraged to complete the questionnaire, regardless of whether they claim these benefits or not. For more information or to visit