DORSET soldiers who lost their lives on the North West Frontier in India 115 years ago will be remembered at a service in Dorchester.

Members of the Royal British Legion and the Royal Naval Association will join members of the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment Association at the Tirah Memorial in the Borough Gardens at 11am on Wednesday October 24.

They will remember the 23 soldiers from the Dorsetshire Regiment who lost their lives during the campaign from 1897 to 1898.

Nick Speakman from the Keep Military Museum said: “In 1897, following serious unrest on the North West frontier of India and a series of attacks on forts, a large field force of 36,000 British and Indian troops was sent to the region to restore order.

“During this campaign Private Sam Vickery was awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry." If the weather is wet on the day the service will be held at the Keep Military Museum.