WITH Bridport carpenter John Chaldecott’s fasc-ination for the two World Wars there was really only one date that was ever going to be his wedding day – Armistice Day on November 11.

And there was only ever going to be one theme, which is why bride-to-be care worker Marcia Thomas’s dress was in a vintage style and their wedding guests received invitations in the form of ration cards.

Guests donned Army uniforms and dresses from the 1940s and the reception venue was decorated with war posters and sandbags.

The couple decided to pay their respects by marrying on Armistice Day at Mountfield in Bridport town centre.

Mr Chaldecott grew up with family stories of the war from relations and such was his fascination he even organised a visit to Harry Patch, ‘the oldest fighting tommy’ in 2005 when Mr Patch was 107.

Mr Chaldecott said: “A lot of my relations have been in both wars and it was a date that just seemed right.

“Part of my fascination is that I can’t believe how they did what they did. That is part of the draw because I don’t think I could have done it.”

He was so excited when old soldier Harry Patch agreed to see him he couldn’t sleep.

Mr Chaldecott said: “I couldn’t get to sleep that night for grinning.

“He was the spitting image of my great grandfather who lost two brothers in the Great War.

“Seeing him in Fletcher House retirement home was like going back to when I was 15.

“He was talking about his services in the Second World War fighting fires and saying how he wished he’d has his Lewis gun with him to shoot at them during the bombing.”