ONE WEYMOUTH couple celebrated their leap year engagement anniversary with a dinner out.

Former MP Ian Bruce and his wife, borough councillor Hazel, went to the cinema to watch War Horse and then for dinner at Prezzo restaurant on Weymouth harbour side to celebrate their anniversary of getting engaged on February 29, 1968.

The couple got married in June 1969 and have four children and 10 grandchildren.

Mr Bruce joked that the date was very easy to remember and that he only had to buy dinner once every four years.

He said: “The 44 years have flown by – it feels like yesterday.”

He added that a sense of humour and having interests both together and separate was the secret to their long and happy marriage.

He said: “We do a lot of things together and have separate interests. Hazel’s a borough councillor and a magistrate and we run a company together.

“I do a lot of yachting and swimming.”

He said: “A shared sense of humour is very important. Life is to be lived and you have to laugh at the funny things and the more difficult times as well.”

The couple will celebrate their wedding anniversary with a family party.