NOISE did not annoy when Frome Valley First School spent a week dedicating all its lessons to music in all its forms.

Among the activities taking place throughout the week was a visit from local percussion wizards Magic Drum, the chance to try out some Zumba and an opportunity to have a go at line dancing, after which the pupils were encouraged to make up their own dance.

School music co-ordinator Michelle Carter said: “The music week was part of the creative curriculum, which is a skills-based curriculum that we do with different themes once every half term.

“The idea is to have a real focus on skills in that area of the curriculum and give the children a new experience as much as possible.

“They absolutely love it and we have had lots of positive feedback from children and parents who have said that the children go home absolutely full of what they have been doing and talking about it.”

She added: “The week gives the pupils the chance to be creative in their own right. They are not constrained but have the chance to explore different things that they haven’t done before.”


FROME Valley School changed its name from Owermoigne School six years ago when it moved to new premises in the village of Crossways.

It has 100 pupils aged between four and nine and was rated ‘outstanding’ in its last Ofsted report.

Like many schools, it is a member of Dorset’s Healthy Schools Scheme and is also a Rights Respecting school. It is also a member of DASP – the Dorchester Area Schools Pyramid.

The school has close links with the local community and children enjoy a number of extracurricular activities.