UPDATED: MPs' expenses - see how much your MP claimed over the last year

Dorset Echo: A new system for claiming parliamentary expenses came into force in 2010

6:10pm Friday 13th September 2013

THE expenses bill for Dorset and New Forest MPs rose by 4.5 per cent in the past year, new figures show.

MPs' expenses: Figures reveal the true price of our democracy

Dorset Echo: Big Ben's famous chimes have been heard since 1859

9:00am Sunday 16th September 2012

NEW figures reveal how much MPs have been costing the taxpayer in expenses over the past year.

MPs expenses: Tobias Ellwood is top claiming MP

Dorset Echo: Tobias Ellwood

6:11pm Thursday 7th April 2011

BOURNEMOUTH East MP Tobias Ellwood claimed more expenses in the last two months of 2010 than any other member of Parliament, the latest figures have revealed.

Latest MPs expenses: who claimed what

Dorset Echo: ‘SHOW OUR FACES’: Richard Drax MP

2:27pm Friday 4th February 2011

NEW expense figures reveal South Dorset MP Richard Drax is the lowest claimant in Dorset with £4,279.90 claimed.

Latest MPs expenses: who claimed what

Dorset Echo: Annette Brooke MP, Mid Dorset and North Poole

5:25pm Thursday 3rd February 2011

Top claimant in Dorset was Lib Dem MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, Annette Brooke, and the lowest claimant was South Dorset's Richard Drax. Click for a claims breakdown.

Sir John Butterfill given back £15,000 of expenses he repaid

Dorset Echo: John Butterfill

8:26am Monday 16th August 2010

FORMER Tory MP Sir John Butterfill has controversially been refunded more than £15,000 of the expenses he repaid last year.

Dorset MPs respond to rule change on expenses

7:00am Tuesday 30th March 2010

THE subject of expenses has reared its ugly head again as MPs in Dorset and the New Forest respond to the new rules governing their expenses.

MPs expenses: What your MP claimed

8:10am Friday 11th December 2009

WHAT do television units, bunk beds and marigold gloves have in common? They all feature in the latest expense claims of our local MPs.

MP "withdraws resignation" over expenses scandal

Dorset Echo: Tory MP Julie Kirkbride will stand down at the next general election

11:37am Friday 6th November 2009

MP JULIE Kirkbride is reported to be withdrawing her resignation over the expenses scandal.

Will our MPS sell homes and sack wives?

Dorset Echo: How our MPS would fare under mortage rule changes

7:00am Thursday 29th October 2009

LOCAL MPs are contemplating the prospect of selling their second homes and making their wives redundant under proposals to reform the expenses system.

MPs unlikely to 'swap wives' if forced to make them redundant

8:30am Wednesday 28th October 2009

TWO local MPs, who might have to make their wives redundant, have dismissed reports suggesting “wife swapping” as a way to get around a possible ban on employing family members.

Christchurch MP's wife in firing line over parliamentary clean-up

Dorset Echo: REDUNDANCY FEARS: Chris Chope will have to sack wife Christo if a ban on MPs employing family is brought in

7:34am Monday 19th October 2009

A CHRISTCHURCH MP fears he may have to make his wife redundant under new proposals to clean up Parliament.

MPs' expenses could be scrutinised again

7:00pm Wednesday 14th October 2009

EXPENSES claims by MPs could be scrutinised again under plans to take a closer look at mortgage claims.

Dorset MPs on tenterhooks over expenses letter

7:00am Tuesday 13th October 2009

MPs were still on tenterhooks last night as they waited to hear whether they would be asked to repay money from controversial expenses claims.

Hampshire MP forces national paper to back down

Dorset Echo: Julian Lewis

10:35am Monday 10th August 2009

A HAMPSHIRE MP has forced a national newspaper to back down over allegations that he “milked” the parliamentary expenses system.

Your MPs and their second jobs

8:31am Thursday 2nd July 2009

Here's what your MPs have declared in the register of interests...

MPs told they must disclose all secondary earnings

Dorset Echo: NOWHERE TO HIDE: In the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, central London

7:00am Thursday 2nd July 2009

IT’S NO secret that many MPs have outside jobs and interests, on top of their parliamentary salary and hours.

MP defends hiring of his wife and ex-wife

6:05pm Sunday 28th June 2009

POOLE MP Robert Syms has defended the employment of his current and former wives after it was revealed both were on his taxpayer-funded payroll.

MPs will pay back money

10:54am Friday 26th June 2009

BOURNEMOUTH MPs Sir John Butterfill and Tobias Ellwood are among those who will pay back further money that was claimed in expenses.

More MPs expenses details revealed

9:04am Tuesday 23rd June 2009

Revealed, the letters MPs wrote about their expenses and the claims they'd blanked out of the official published claims.

A sweet tooth... and a taste for Fairtrade coffee - Mid Dorset MP

Dorset Echo: RENT FOR FLAT: Annette Brooke (Mid Dorset and North Poole)

6:35pm Friday 19th June 2009

PARISH magazines, Fairtrade coffee and a shower curtain are among the items claimed for by Annette Brooke, MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole.

‘My expenses have been among lowest in Parliament’ - New Forest MP

Dorset Echo: ‘REALISATION’: Desmond Swayne (New Forest West)

6:33pm Friday 19th June 2009

GARDENING rubbish sacks, dry cleaning and, ironically, a subscription to the Daily Telegraph.

Constituents think press treated me unfairly, claims North Dorset MP

Dorset Echo: SUPPORT: Bob Walter (North Dorset)

6:30pm Friday 19th June 2009

DAILY Echo readers will already have learned that North Dorset’s Conservative MP Bob Walter claimed for mortgage interest, two hand-knotted rugs from Mumbai and some Aucuba Japonicas for his garden.

JIM KNIGHT: Hi-tech package 'was necessary'

Dorset Echo: JIM KNIGHT: Hi-tech package 'was necessary'

8:36am Friday 19th June 2009

SOUTH Dorset MP Jim Knight has justified making a raft of hi-tech purchases – including a £7,000 printer and a video editing package – as part of his parliamentary expenses.

CHRISTOPHER CHOPE: £4,800 for food but 'we're good value'

Dorset Echo: Christopher Chope

8:34am Friday 19th June 2009

NEARLY £5,000 worth of food in a year, £10,000 for roof repairs and £881 to refurbish a Chesterfield sofa.

SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: £14,500 for new bathroom

Dorset Echo: Sir John Butterfill

8:33am Friday 19th June 2009

A NEW kitchen, new bathroom and almost £8,000 on food in just three years.

ROBERT SYMS: £300 claim for tax advice 'fair'

Dorset Echo: ROBERT SYMS: £300 claim for tax advice 'fair'

8:31am Friday 19th June 2009

POOLE MP Robert Syms has defended charging the taxpayer more than £300 for tax advice.

TOBIAS ELLWOOD: up to the limit in incidental expenses

Dorset Echo: Tobias Ellwood

8:30am Friday 19th June 2009

A STATE-of-the-art Sony notebook costing £1,858, cash to refurbish his surgery room at Boscombe Conservative Club and pictures of him being sworn into the House of Commons.


Dorset Echo: An example of a claim, this one by Chris Chope, which has had all the details blacked out

8:28am Friday 19th June 2009

MPs expenses claims were put online yesterday - but with key details blacked out. So what don't they want you to know about where YOUR money has gone?

Your MPs' expenses revealed - well almost

8:24am Thursday 18th June 2009

WANT to know what your MP has been claiming in expenses to represent you for the last four years?

Jaqui Smith squares up to Swayne

8:39am Thursday 4th June 2009

NEW Forest West MP Desmond Swayne got the sharp edge of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s tongue in Parliament.

I did not profit from home, says Butterfill

8:38am Thursday 4th June 2009

BOURNEMOUTH West MP Sir John Butterfill has responded to the suggestion from Conservative Party leader David Cameron that he could be disciplined over his expenses claims.

Hundreds log on to grill Dorset MPs in live Echo blog

Dorset Echo: BLOG ROLL: Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood at the Daily Echo offices in Richmond Hill in Bournemouth for a live website blog on MPs’ expenses

7:00am Saturday 30th May 2009

IT was Question Time with a twist yesterday when Daily Echo readers gave three of Dorset’s MPs a grilling over the expenses scandal that has stunned the country.

MP Fraser stands down

8:23am Friday 29th May 2009

MP for South West Norfolk, Christopher Fraser, announced he was to stand down yesterday.

MP’s sister ‘secretary’ laying low

8:03am Friday 29th May 2009

THE Dorset sister of MP Julie Kirkbride has remained tight-lipped over her part in the expenses row that yesterday forced the member for Bromsgrove to announce her departure at the next general election.

Bob Walter will face his constituents at meeting

8:02am Friday 29th May 2009

NORTH Dorset MP Bob Walter is to use his constituency surgeries as a forum to answer voters’ concerns over his expense claims.

Little sympathy from electorate for Butterfill

8:01am Friday 29th May 2009

SHOPPERS in Westbourne in Sir John’s constituency said they were “disgusted” at the whole expenses scandal.

Sir John explains those allegations

Dorset Echo: INCUMBENT: Sir John Butterfill

8:00am Friday 29th May 2009

On why he doesn't think he's profited from capital gains and how the bank has agreed to lend him the money to pay back expenses claimed for his gardener's annexe

Sign up for our live blog on MPs expenses

5:20pm Thursday 28th May 2009

HAVE you got a burning question you'd like to ask your MP about their expenses?

MPs expenses in quotes and votes

3:39pm Thursday 28th May 2009

What your MPs said about expenses, who's been exposed and how they voted on the issue of revealing their claims...

"You must ensure there are no grounds for a suggestion of misuse of public money"

10:56am Thursday 28th May 2009

Echo reader Jeff Williams has been looking at what the regulations really say about MPs expenses.

Annette Brooke invites Echo to see all expenses

Dorset Echo: MP Annette Brooke

8:53am Thursday 28th May 2009

NEW curtains, a vacuum cleaner, a burglar alarm and a toilet seat were among items charged to the taxpayer by MP Annette Brooke.

Police called to MP's sister after media descend on Corfe Mullen home

8:51am Thursday 28th May 2009

POLICE were called yesterday to a house in Corfe Mullen at the centre of the latest instalment in the row over MPs’ expenses.

Bournemouth MP Butterfill 'avoided tax on £600,000 gain'

Dorset Echo: EXTRAVAGANCE DENIED: Sir John Butterfill

8:15am Thursday 28th May 2009

SIR John Butterfill, the Bournemouth West MP, paid no capital gains tax after making a £600,000 gain on the sale of his taxpayer-funded house which he told the parliamentary authorities was his designated second home.

What Sir John Butterfill said yesterday about his expenses

7:30am Thursday 28th May 2009

A LONG-serving Bournemouth MP has defended his decision to claim thousands of pounds for a new kitchen and bathroom for his second home.

Little flak for Tobias Ellwood at public meeting

Dorset Echo: SPEAKING OUT: Tobias Ellwood MP during the public meeting

7:20am Thursday 28th May 2009

BOURNEMOUTH MP Tobias Ellwood largely escaped criticism as he opened up his expenses at the first of three public meetings he has arranged.

Former Dorset MP claimed for trees to mark his land

Dorset Echo: TREES: Christopher Fraser MP

8:39am Wednesday 27th May 2009

A Dorset MP claimed more than £1,800 in expenses to buy 215 trees and fencing to mark out the boundary of his house.

Je ne regrette rien, says Bob Walter MP

8:38am Wednesday 27th May 2009

A CLAIM of £700 for a six-day language course in France has been defended by North Dorset MP Bob Walter.

Jim Knight defends tax advice claims

Dorset Echo: TAX ADVICE: Jim Knight MP

7:10am Wednesday 27th May 2009

A DORSET MP and government minister has defended his use of a colleague’s husband to give him tax advice.

Bournemouth East MP holds meeting to explain his expenses

Dorset Echo: PUBLIC MEETING: Tobias Ellwood

7:00am Wednesday 27th May 2009

A BOURNEMOUTH MP has become the latest to publish details of his expense claims, including a £1,100 bed and mattress and almost £1,000 worth of furnishings.


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