I ALWAYS knew training for the London Marathon would not be easy but the past two weeks have been hell.
While my father John and brother Jonathon have been making good progress I have had to suffer the frustration of being bogged down with an injury.
It occurred on January 20 during a
10.5-mile circuit around Weymouth town centre. I actually felt good during the run but afterwards I experienced a sharp pain down the right side of my right knee that was also shooting into my calf.
I decided not to run the following Tuesday and instead waited to the Thursday. The pain had certainly eased by then but around two miles into a run along the seafront the pain occurred again so I stopped and took a depressing walk back to my flat.
With the marathon only just over two months away the last thing I needed was a lay off through injury and I soon began to feel really down.
I visited my friend Ross Heaton the
following night whose wife Toni studied physiotherapy at university. She kindly carried out a few tests and put my mind at rest that I had not suffered any ligament or muscle damage.
She showed me some stretches I had to do and told me to rest it, which I did for another week until two days ago when I tried running on it again but suffered the same problem.
It was then that I decided to visit Weymouth Football Club to ask for the advice of player-physio Stuart Douglas.
When I arrived at the Wessex Stadium I first bumped into defender Ashley Vickers and when I explained the problem I was having he diagnosed it as ‘jogger’s knee’, or in medical terms patello-femoral syndrome, which was similar to what Toni had said a week earlier.
If that is correct the pain I have been suffering is due to an overuse syndrome of the back of the kneecap which is aggravated with any bent knee activity.
I later spoke to Douglas and he told me to give him a call this coming Monday to arrange a time to go and see him. In the meantime he advised me to rest it and keep it elevated as much as possible. Another recommendation he made was to take anti-inflammatory tablets and hold an ice pack on it now and again.
Despite feeling a little more positive I can still see time ticking away but it is important I remain optimistic.
One of the main reasons behind my determination to get back on track is the amazing charity work that is taking place for our cause and we would like to thank everyone who has made donations and given us support so far. It is very much appreciated.
N You can sponsor the trio by visiting www.justgiving.com/summers08.
Cheques made payable to the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust can also be sent to Mr J W Summers, 25 Greenway Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5BE.