ON my Thursday night run this week I wrote this article in my head.
I actually finished the training session quite fresh. You see I try to find little distractions to help the time pass and take my mind off tiredness and all the aches and pains.
As the days and weeks come and go our designated rest days on our schedules seem to get less and less. And with the race fast approaching you begin to wonder whether you are doing enough or maybe even too much.
Every ache and pain is also a worry in case it turns into an injury but all you can do is trust the training plan and stay focused.
As the time and miles increase I fully understand what people mean when they talk about the marathon being as much about strength of mind as the ability to run well.
Running for two or three hours is a long time and that is why I try to give myself little goals like checking my time and having a little drink at certain points of the circuit.
Another thing I do is set my Ipod setting to shuffle so I never know what the next song is going to be
I recently read Paula Radcliffe’s autobiography and after she finishes a long run she always sits in a bath of freezing cold water for 15 minutes to help the muscles recover.
I have started doing that in recent weeks and I find it really does work. Mind you I would not recommend it for the feint- hearted.
Talking of Paula, it is going to be a great thrill running in the same race as her even though we will be hours apart. She has achieved so much and is without a doubt one of this country’s greatest ever athletes. And competing in the same event as her is another reason to look forward to April 13.
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