After a day like today it is a night to compare swellings.
A disturbed night’s sleep at Stockport’s Territorial Army barracks. We are surrounded by planes, trains and automobiles. At one point we started looking for Steve Martin and and John Candy!
We slept on pushed-together armchairs in the bar, which actually was surprisingly comfortable.
08.37am, a little later than usual as Adrian couldn’t decide to wear his overshoes or not, our destination for the day is the historic town of Shrewsbury, once again staying in army barracks.
Natasha and I were sent shopping by Paul. On Sunday it had rained mercilessly and their mobile phones had stopped working.
Both cyclists had to buy new ones. Our mission was to buy Paul a new means of communication. Stockport is a nice shopping centre and we both wished we had a cycling top box for all our purchases.
More town riding, the riders are amazed at the stunning scenery so have decided to be more observant in future.
Locally, they have a ‘nerd of the day’ award, usually for bad driving, but the riders have taken to competing for the silliest photo competition with Adrian pretending to be a scarecrow in a field of maize.
Having cycled 65 miles today, shorter in comparison, we arrive in Shrewsbury. The barracks are very clean but lacking in beds. Unfortunately it means sleeping on the floor.
After a meal at Wetherspoons and the discovery of a fruity cider we retire to the barracks a game and a chat.
Paul and Adrian are now sitting comparing swellings. Adrian’s left knee and Paul’s left ankle.
They now both require regular painkillers and are sitting with limbs elevated in ice in situ.
As for saddle sore, the sudocream has been useful.