CHURCHES are being encouraged to pray for the environment in a video message released by the Bishop of Salisbury.

In a strikingly modern move the Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam has released a YouTube video calling for Christians to consider the environmental world during the ‘Creationtide’ season.

‘Creationtide’, which runs from September 1 until October 4 each year, is an opportunity for Christians of all denominations to pray and work for the protection of the environment that sustains us.

The Bishop Rt Rev Holtam said: "The care of creation is a top priority for every Christian disciple in our day.

"It’s clear in Scripture that God wants us to steward this beautiful Earth we’ve been given.

"We need to take care of it at a time when global warming and climate change are creating enormous pressures. We all know there is no planet B."

‘Creationtide’ originated as an Eastern Orthodox initiative but has since been popularly adopted among Anglican, Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations.

Pope Francis endorsed the profile of the season last year when he declared September 1 as annual ‘World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation’ to an audience of almost two million in Krakow.

Rt Rev Holtam added: "I'm joining with the Pope and Patriarch Bartholomew in calling for Christians, especially those in the Church of England, to pray during Creationtide, for the care of God’s creation."

Throughout the month congregations are invited to give particular focus to all issues affecting the environment ranging from pollution to deforestation.

The Bishop, who is the Church of England’s lead bishop for the environment, believes issues such as these and climate change have far reaching spiritual implications.

He said: "This is a spiritual issue, not just a technical or economic or scientific issue, but something we need to pray about, to ask God to help us."

The video and other ‘Creationtide’ worship materials can be found at