A COMMUNITY discussion will take place in Poundbury to discuss how best to generate its Anglican presence without a church building.

Under the guidance of Revered Claire McClelland, residents, who currently worship at churches within the Dorchester benefice, are invited to share their thoughts at the Quiet Space between noon and 2pm on Tuesday, February 21.

With no Anglican church in Poundbury it is hoped the session will generate creative ways to engage in church and develop a plan going forward.

Revd McClelland, the team vicar of St Peter’s Church, said: “When I was appointed it was part of my job description at St Peter’s church to think of how best encourage the Anglican presence in the community without a church there.

“The Anglican Church is committed to being accessible for everyone in the community so we are holding the event to see how the church can service Poundbury.

“Not having an historical building is both a joy and a burden, this is really just the starting point to explore ideas. Whether or not we use a different type of building such as the Quiet Space, or a cafe, there are different options.”

“This is the first time to get everyone together.

“I’m really just there in an administrative role-it will be very much a team effort.”

If you wish to attend or have any ides you wish to share contact clairemcclelland@icloud.com.